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April 26, 2012
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ANBU Tanto by Logan-Pearce ANBU Tanto by Logan-Pearce
All Naruto styled and stuff.

Name: ANBU Tanto
Blade Length: 4 1/2"
OAL: 9"
Blade Material: 1080
Handle Material: Water Buffalo Horn

Someone asked me to be awesome and so I was. :O

Naw, I was commissioned by :iconclement-kwan: to make a tanto with the ANBU symbol from the anime Naruto on the knife. I decided to put the symbol where I usually put my name.

Since the ANBU symbol is where my name usually is, I put my stamp on the opposite side. All in all, it was a pretty fun knife to make. I don't make a whole lot of tantos and since Brittani has been wanting to learn how to make them, it was good all the way around.

I wish I could have spent a little more time on it, but since it was a b-day present, my time was limited even more than usual.

Obviously, I don't own the ANBU symbol.

Also, I probably need stitches. >.< I kind of cut through half of my thumb, before I had time to pull the unsharpened knife away. *sigh* I haven't really looked at it after all the blood and using....clear shipping tape to close the wound. :P I then went back to work, as usual. Now that I'm done for the day, I might be going to the hospital.

It would suck to lose a thumb. Anyway, it won't slow me down any. It will take a lot more than a nearly severed thumb to slow me down.

Ooooh, but I could totally put some nasty bloody pictures up now. Prove that I'm all manly and such. :meow:

Logan Pearce

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Another beautiful work by Logan Pearce. This knife is gorgeous, the design is like riding a tour bus: It takes you to all the beautiful parts of the place, and skips the places that aren't worth seeing. The muted colors of this knife are also a rather nice touch. There is one thing though, where the scales (the wood pieces that go on the tang and form the handle) meet the "fuchi" or the bolster, it looks like the wood was damaged or scratched; but it's such a small thing that it barely affects the impact of this knife. It is also badass how Logan chopped off his thumb while making it. That just adds to the coolness.
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It really Is a beautiful peice of work. I also hope it's on sale. But I love the black handle with the white pearl color at the top of the hilt I especially love the symbol you have engraved on it and if I'm correct it's a full tang blade. which rules very highley for most people who actually use knives. sturdy, durable, and it seems to have claimed its first amount of flesh from its maker lol , muy bien, my only thing is would your hand slide forward on the tanto? and what are the measurements? but all in all yet another beautiful peice Mr. Pearce
What do you think?
The Artist thought this was FAIR
3 out of 3 deviants thought this was fair.

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Kurokawa-Hatake Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2012  Hobbyist Artist
Oh, wow! What a beautiful blade! Too bad it didn't attack your thumb. Don't feel too bad, every time I do the dishes I stab myself with a steak knife. lol. :)
Logan-Pearce Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
lol! I know the feeling. I make sure to wash them separately now. :P
Amazingswordarts Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
awesome !!!
Logan-Pearce Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Thank you! :D
papafedd Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012
elegant tanto !
Ash99 Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2012  Hobbyist
LOL How is your thumb. Funny enough I nearly cut through mine last week too, but it was with a saw knife and I was an idiot. Oddly enough.... I use ductape to close mine up >.>

Logan-Pearce Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
I'm finally healed up now. Duct tape fixes everything!
Ash99 Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2012  Hobbyist
Duct tape is always the answer to lifes problems. ALWAYS!

Glad to hear you're healed now though. No need to kiss it better. My thumb still hurts though :(
Garrett-Jax Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2012
Nice piece, looks like your doing the 'blacksmiths' dip for edge hardening, if you are interested in using 'clay' to get a more traditional Japanese line, get some A.P. Green #36 Refactory cement and add a little finely ground firescale to it. . .
Logan-Pearce Featured By Owner Jun 4, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
I do that every once in a while, but I'm really not a traditionalist. My g/f on the other hand is and she has some that is clay hardened. Usually while teaching her I do the same techniques on one of my knives while she does it on hers. I'll probably be posting it next week, since it's actually a rebar knife I did it on. :P

But yeah, I'm a big fan of differential hardening. I love hamons, especially on 1080 since it looks black and W-2. But I usually don't bother with the clay. I hate to admit it, but I'm kind of lazy. lol.
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